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Sling Safety Standard

Changes are coming to the babywearing world and it is important that you get familiar and are well informed.
Here is some helpful information from the BCIA (Baby Carrier Industry Alliance).
Please read the latest post from Linnea of BCIA as it is extremely important to the future of babywearing in the United States.

Still confused as to what all this means to you? Wrapsody Baby put together an informative video that will help you better understand why a safety standard is needed. Please watch the video HERE

Care Instructions by Manufacturer

In the following you will find direct links to wrap care by manufacturer. If your wrap brand isn’t on this list, please refer to the tag located on your woven wrap. For more on understanding how to read the fabric care label, click HERE.

Cari Slings
Firespiral Slings
Oscha Slings
Ovolo Wraps
Pavo Textiles
Poe Wovens
Risaroo Wovens
Silver Lining Slings
Tekhni Wovens
Vaquero Wovens
Woven Wings